Who am I? The answer depends on the moment that you ask.

Sometimes I am divinity in a human body, and sometimes I’m feeling so anxious, that it feels like I’m an anxiety itself…

My power and biggest gift is being a woman and being a mom of two little women.

I travel constantly. Around the world and into myself.

Every single person that I meet on my way is my teacher- from Guru in India to a lady at an the airport counter.

I am deeply devoted to Tantra and many other non conventional methods of working with my inner world- like Amazonian medicines, Hawaiian Ho’oponopono or family constellations and I do use my experience with them in my work with people. I travel around the world working and singing on Tantra Festivals in India, California and Europe (www.awakenaslove.com) where not only I practice myself but I also share my gifts on individual or group sessions, and singing concerts for the people in the evenings. 

Energy work seemed much easier to me than communication with words, which is why I learnt a lot from Marshall Rosenberg (NVC), Byron Katie (Work) and Brene Brown (Shame and Vulnerability).