Individual sessions

I offer:

  • consultation around relationships, parenting, sexuality, eating disorder, sleeplessness, trauma, abuse, stress, addictions- where I consult you and recommend where to go or what to do next;

When to choose this option? When you feel that something is going on but you cannot quite put your finger on it. Or you feel stuck and don’t know why. 

  • individual relaxing / meditation session – 90 minutes of deep relaxation;

When to choose this option? When you feel a lot of tension and stress and you need to quite your mind and clean your head. 

  • tantric sex coaching– sharing different tools and practices to improve your selflove and/or relationship 

When to choose this option? When you lack pleasure in your life (not only sexually), when you have no energy to live, when you do not have time or juice for sex, when you feel that you would like to start loving yourself more, when you are not fulfilled in your relationship, or you are, but there is one little thing that could be different … whatever it is. 

  • sound healing – 90 minutes of deep relaxation and healing through the singing

When to choose this option? When you want to relax and have a specific intention: e.g. forgive someone, let go of something, invite something, heal the conflict or say goodbye to something / someone, to deal with anger …

  • inspirational sessions– 90 minutes of empowering session; I share my experience and create a space, where you find your own inspiration and connect with the essence of who you are;

When to choose this option? When you feel you’re most inspired by words, and that you need to take care of your mind, which cannot understand some things.

  • active meditation session – 90 minutes of active meditation, e.g. breathing or movement exercises, which help you to activate the sympathetic nervous system, making it easier to later activate the parasympathetic nervous system and enter the alpha state- deep relaxation; 

When to choose this option? When you know that meditation in lotus positions is not for you and you think that you don’t know how to meditate.

To book any of those, make a payment here and I will contact you and suggest few possible dates to meet. 

If you are not sure about something, you can email me: