I am


"Yes, I sometimes feel insecure and get hurt and struggle with jealousy or feeling low. Yes, I might act immature and then regret it. 
How do I forgive it to myself? How do I accept these imperfections? 
Because I recognise: what I FEEL is not what is THE general truth. Neither about myself nor about the world. Emotions come and go- like clouds- and yet the sun never disappears. It is just that to be remembered. So let's practise memory. And practice what you want to be? Powerful? Let's practise being powerful. Love? Let's practice being love. 
And then, no storm can stop you." 


All that I do is a mixture of singing and speaking. My mission is to live a conscious, authentic and integrated life. In the midst of all the revolution in the world, I choose EVOLUTION and leave the extremes behind me, to create a valuable and balanced life for myself, for others and for our planet. 

My singing creation shows exactly the path that I walked.

My first album called Neverland is a soundtrack from a theatre play of my own creation, produced by a Foundation that I set up, which is supporting people suffering from mental illnesses and their families. It was supported and rewarded by the Depression Association. 

​My second album i’mperfectreleased by Whisbear is dedicated to women and mothers and was recognised and appreciated by Princess Kate Middleton and is linked with a “mission i’mperfect”– my way of connecting and empowering women from all over the world. Showing them they are perfect with all their flaws and i’mperfections, dreams and desires, needs and “un-wants”.

I am also an intimacy coach and a tantra teacher and along  with my partner James Stevenson (www.awakenaslove.com) we offer trainings around the world (Asia, USA, Central America, Europe) sharing our experience of integrated spirituality. Showing how to awaken but in a grounded and balanced way. We do it working with subconsciousness using Integral Theory, Tantra and other tools.

Another project is an educational program for YOUTHS, called SCHOOL OF LIFE, which is a gap year of self growth in all fields, starting from NVC, strategic tools, VISION QUEST and sexuality. As a VISION QUEST guide,  I am responsible for that piece as well as intimacy.

I also give lectures about sexuality and stay in contact with YOUTHS via SECRET QUESTIONS youtube channel where I answer questions about sexuality, boundaries, emotions and all “taboo” subjects they cannot ask anybody else. 

My latest “baby” are mantras. Long soundtracks to create a very relaxing, balanced space, only by playing it in the background. Dedicated to yoga & meditation teachers, but also for everyone who find music a healing tool. 

If you would like to read more about me, it’s HERE.


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