I am


My main tool is my voice and I do many things using it for living- starting from singing & lyrics writing, to being a sex & intimacy coach, to travelling to guide tantra on retreats and workshops, to being a mom, friend, lover… 

My first album called Neverland was a soundtrack from a theatre play of my own creation, produced by a Foundation that I set up, which is supporting people suffering from mental illnesses and their families.

​My second album i’mperfectreleased by Whisbear is dedicated to women and mothers and is linked with a “mission i’mperfect”– my way of connecting women all over the world. 

I am also a sex & intimacy coach and for last few years I’ve been travelling  around the world (Asia, USA, Europe) with my partner James Stevenson (www.awakenaslove.com) doing trainings and workshops to empower people in their lives and relationships, bringing back joy, love and fulfillment. We do it working with subconsciousness using Tantra, Integral Theory and other tools that we learnt through the years.   

If you would like to read more about me, it’s HERE.


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