The time is NOW

The Time Is Now

music: Paweł Lucewicz

lyrics: Patrycja Sokół

singin: Anna Iwanek

Noone know if there’s another way 
Noone know if there is any time 
when will life begin to liberate 
from all the past 
and will you?

There is always way to brake the spell
why it takes so long to understand

will you remember
the timing’s now
to leave the past
and go on

you can be the best in worrying
or you can win in living life

the timing’s now 
to cross the past 
if not today 
will you just stay 

the time is now
to let it go 
and make you strong
to quit eluding every day

say goodbye 
to yesterday
you can keep running away from now
but you never win this game 
with yourself