Riya has created twelve codes that changed her life and now have been impacting lives of thousands of people.

Human beings are like computers. And our mindset is like a programming in this computer. We have certain beliefs about life, relations, money, business, sex, based on our observations, experience and what we’ve been told. According to many researches, we are AWARE of only 5%-10% to what we believe in – the rest is our subconscious mind, running thoughts we don’t even realize.

So if for example we believe only bad people have big money we will keep seeing proofs that this is true, we will think more about it, we will settle even deeper in this conviction and from there root the belief even more.

And that will additionally make us make us sabotage having them because we want to be good people.

How to find these beliefs? And change them?
How to build new ones?
The good news is you don’t have to find the old ones to build the new ones.
The belief is nothing else but THE THOUGHT THAT HAS BEEN REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. That’s how all of them been created and that’s exactly HOW WE CREATE NEW ONES!!!!

So, if you dedicate your day to being AWARE- as much time as possible during the day, and keep repeating it thousands of times a day- YOU WILL CREATE THE NEW CONVICTION.

Is it THAT simple? It is simple- BUT NOT SO EASY. Apparently we have 60-80 THOUSANDS thoughts A DAY!

So imagine, how many of them you are aware of AND how many times you will have to repeat the new thought to OVERWRITE the old ones. A LOT. It’s not 5 minutes a day. It’s not even an hour a day.

People often ask: how long does it take?

It takes as long as it takes until it’s done. And then you practice prevention. If your teeth are ill, you do the treatment and then you ask the dentist: how many time I have to brush them so they are clean? EVERYDAY!

UNTIL WHEN? Until you are alive :)))

It’s HYGINE. With teeth it’s physical one. With your thoughts it’s MENTAL HYGINE

How to control your thoughts?


Alarm in your phone- every 10-20 minutes – to repeat 30 times your NEW THOUGHTS. *yes, every 10-20 minutes- this is around „60 times a day” reminder.

Codes – this is the method I’ve been studying and experimenting with for years- to check if it really works before I announce it and start recommending it.

I created my life from clinically diagnosed depression, sleeplessness and eating disorder + broken singer career -> to being world know public speaker and artist who lives the live of her dreams and is stronger than anyone she knows.

I recorded them all, and they support different areas of life but what’s most important they impact your wellbeing- without any „reason” or excuse from  the outside world.

For me, this is the definition of freedom and this is what I pray for for any human being.

How to use CODES?

• You can either use them for meditation or in a background – while doing all the other things you want to do.

• The biggest convinience is that they work as a subliminal stimuli.

• You don’t have to have „time” to do it.

• You can drive a car, cook, work whilst they play in the background.

• Additionally I used them playing during the whole night because the best moment to „plant” them in our subconscious mind is right before you fall asleep and right after you woke up.

• It’s like a good vibe radio station that not only uplifts your mood but changes your whole life on the long distance.


Riya’s codes are all available on all streaming platforms: YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, and many more…

Here is a link to CODES on all the available platforms!