More about me

I call myself an artist. Activist. Singer. Speaker.

• I use my voice to share myself  through SINGING and SPEAKING.

• It's my biggest gift, that I dared to start a journey with it. Whether I'm SINGING or TALKING, it's my reference point to all kind of work I am being called to do for the people around the globe. My voice was diagnosed as a coloratura soprano and I use it in many commercial, non-commercial and spiritual projects, and thanks to which since October 2011, I became THE Seth Riggs student (the legend, the teacher, the creator of the Speech Level Singing technique), joining the group of his students, who are e.g. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, or Michael Jackson, whom Seth taught for 32 years.

• SINGING - my musical creation– whether it’s my songs or mantras- is just an excuse to take on a deep self- journey the person who listens. On the outside it is music, lyrics. But under the surface I gently offer a deeper energetic transmission that softly and tenderly touches the Listener straight to the core of the heart.

• SPEAKING - I am a sex & intimacy coach and I travel around the world (Asia, USA, Europe) giving workshops, trainings and lectures offering people all kinds of experience that help them improve their lives and relations, make it more joyful, fulfilled and conscious. I also offer concerts.




* I was a founder of Neverland Foundation that supports people suffering from mental illnesses and their families.

* I wrote a musical play called ,  which was an artistic interpretation of depression and a way to help people get out of the shame around mental illnesses. The Foundation was a producer of the play and all the money from the tickets were gathered to help people suffering from mental illnesses.

* I released my first album called "Neverland" which was the music from the play.

* "Neverland" was played in theaters all around Poland and few countries in Europe.


This project was dedicated to women and mothers.

* We made a music album called with - were I shared my journey through motherhood and womenhood.

* The was to show women from all over the planet that they are not alone and that we all struggle with our pieces of being "imperfect".

* The album was presented and gifted to Princess Kate Middleton in person

during her visit to Poland by the President of Whisbear. Duchess Meghan also became its owner, right after her first childbirth.


This is my album with mantras, dedicated to all those who are under chronic stress and anxiety. Long calming songs that nourish, heal, restore balance, energy and calm.

SubconsCious, intimacy and femininity

I am a intimacy coach (certificated by University of dr Ava Cadell in California) and a Tantra Guide (being trained by Tantra Essence and Awaken as Love). I am also a Vision Quest guide (trained by School of Lost Borders) and a Awakening Coach (certificated by Arjuna Ardagh).

Apart from singing in commercial projects I travel around the world with my Partner James Stevenson, who is an International Tantra Teacher (, doing trainings and workshops working with people's subconscious. Using meditations and different exercises from Tantra, Integral Theory and shamanism, we support people in reclaiming their inner wisdom and power that leads the to unconditional self love in a healthy, integrated way. Through these techniques they are able to find their deepest pieces and help them resolve problems they've been struggling with for a long time.

Lyrics writer

I write lyrics for myself and other vocalists. I also write for movies and TV series.

I wrote songs to songs from "Friends"  by Grzegorz Kuczeriszka.
I also wrote lyrics to the promotion song of Jan Komasa movie called "Warsaw 44" Jestem także autorką tekstu do utworu promującego na świecie film Jana Komasy „Miasto 44“; music of Paweł Lucewicz. English version: here. 

The premiere of the movie took place in the National Stadium in Warsaw where I sang the song in front of President of Poland and audience of 15 000 people.


Apart from doing concerts,  trainings and lectures, I offer counseling for couples and individuals around intimacy and sexuality.
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