“I speak the Voice of Abundance.” 

About Riya

Riya Sokol is internationally renowned artist, speaker and author of virals. She became famous for her video poem “Thank you, coronavirus.” It has been translated into dozens of languages worldwide and awarded at several international festivals.

She’s been on the stage since she was six, as a singer, and on her way, she started facilitating and performing also as a speaker.

With her long experience on holding big audience, and with her knowledge and also very unique approach on human existence, she is revolutionising many communities, piece by piece and having bigger and bigger impact on the world.

Riya is also gaining popularity due to her own research and experiments on meaning of subconscious mind, and based on that, she is leading people to see the world from a new angle.

Realising the depths of our subconscious, she is showing new possibilities of experiencing life and our actual creation of it.

The results are that people start to live their lives based on new paradigm  of relations, money, business, sexuality.

With this new perspective, their lives change drastically and it makes her audience have more joy and motivation in life, being more fulfilled and achieving the most impossible plans.



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