„Life is sacred.”

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Riya Sokół

Public speaker, artist, author. Known for her actions to inspire conscious life and for her unconventional approach to its various areas – thanks to which people improve their quality of life in a very significant way. Her unusual way is to use the spoken and sung word for her message, which makes her performances cause not only a deep transformation but also unforgettable impressions.


She is very active both online and live, during numerous lectures, performances and interviews. The number of people following her is constantly increasing, and she is the winner of numerous awards, such as the Polish Business Women Awards, in the category of Charismatic Leader Among Conscious Speakers.

She is also the author many viral videos, thanks to which she gained fame and recognition in the world such as the viral film “Thank you, coronavirus” translated into several dozen languages, awarded at several international festivals such as: SOCIAL CHANGE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, INDEPENDENT SHORTS AWARDS, AUSTRALIA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL.


She started her work with spirituality and personal development in 2005. Studying psychology, she felt that there was more to it than textbooks. She began to travel around the world, looking for answers about the depth and meaning of life.

She dinged in the recesses of spirituality for many years, and gained tones of answers on life and its various aspects. She learned a lot about herself, recovered from various illnesses and emotional traumas. Hundreds of workshops and trainings – deepened her knowledge about herself and human mechanisms, the subconscious, femininity and masculinity, abundance, emotions, money.

This gave her a foundation for understanding how the human mind works. Sharing her experiences with people around, she was inspiring others so much that she began to receive invitations to give lectures on world stages.

At the same time, she began to train herself in working with people and groups.

Huge experience from being on stage since childhood, teaching for many years, her difficult life events, vast knowledge of the subconscious, the strength of her personality, charisma and honesty in telling about her life, consolidated her opinion of the undisputed leader among motivational speakers and artists who change people’s lives and leave their mark on this planet.



„What if your every thought is a wish sent to the Universe?”

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„More than a year ago, I chose Riya because I needed help.
Today I choose her consciously, not because I need her, but because I want her to be a part of the abundance I create.

Thank you for who you are.
Thank you for allowing everyone to be different.
Thank you for making me a part of your space.”
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„Dear Riya, thank you. I'm changed. I’m amazed. I'm excited.

It can’t be described in words, how my world has changed. I see my children. I see my husband. I can see my home. I can see everything and feel abundance. There's still a lot of work ahead of me, but I'm looking forward to it.
Thank you again. You are amazing.”
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„Thanks to you, I started to believe in myself - put myself out there and started reaching for my dreams.”
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„Thanks to you, I was able to love my fear and discover such abundance in it - it instantly manifested something I did not even expect.

I am happy with my own being, like never before in my life. You carry me with your wisdom and sincerity, and transform it into a soothing love.

Thank you. Everything is possible, everything is beautiful. Thank you.”
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„The effect of working with you Riya is priceless. You taught me to love life. I gave my husband respect, trust, my delicacy. I create every day which impacts my relationships with the family. I am grateful to myself and you Riya. I learned new thoughts, and codes became my everyday life. My husband is learning every day with me, we motivate each other, we support, we code. It's our new model for life. Today I shout with joy because I know what happiness is. I couldn't reach for dreams - now they have become everyday life in my fulfilled dreams.”
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„Every day I learn something new about myself and the world. You have created a beautiful space in which my self-development has gained an atomic boost.

I appreciate you with all my heart, and I thank you for everyone I met during this time.”
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„You changed my life for the better. For great. If it wasn't for your meditations and online content, I don't know how I would have dealt with anxiety. Now, I have the power to create my dream life. With your codes and with your courses. First, for 3 years, I took part in everything that was free. This made my dreams come true thanks to just free content! I have lost 5 kg without doing anything - just coding. I love myself. You changed my way of thinking.”
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„I have no words to express my gratefulness for you.

I've been with you for a month, and I'm taking to heart every word you say.”
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„Riya, you break the system with your experience, knowledge and ability to deliver it to everyone in the most accessible way. I am in total awe.”
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„Your voice accompanied me on a walk and I don't even know when, but I stopped looking at the ground and started looking at the sky.

Thank you for that with all my heart.”
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„It was magical, wonderful. It was the first time I participated in such an event.
Your message, the whole lecture, that voice. I felt like in a fairy tale.

Thank you so much for everything you said.”
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„I am in such emotions that I think it will be hard to fall asleep.
Thank you for being you and for doing such beautiful and wonderful things.

Riya is a MIRACLE, and I am extremely grateful for her coming into my life. It was the most beautiful event I've been to. I'm still crying with happiness, and I'm waiting for the next events.”
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„I read a lot of books, I looked for the best meditation for peace, the best course on blocks and traumas, etc.
I was constantly in search of a perfect and best way to grow.

I found Riya’s Codes and here it is. This is beyond all measures. This is the key, the essence of removing all biases and changing them - changing the perspective, removing uncertainty or doubt.
Thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.”
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„My husband surprised me as well, and now our relationship looks different. Both of us in the moment of confrontation looks into themselves, into the other person. It's wonderful! Riya I love U and Thank You.

And it's about seeing the abundance. Just thinking about it makes me cry with happiness. Two days ago, I got gifts from my little patients. I used to be just moved by it, but today I also celebrate the abundance and notice a lot more of it.”
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„I was the first one to go through transformation, then my husband and now my daughter. I sit and cannot believe what I have accomplished thanks to working with Riya, despite the fact that it hurt and will hurt again.

But now it’s different and with understanding. My whole family is exploring new grounds.”
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„I took radical responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions. I've learned to navigate my emotions. All this has changed the quality of my life. My business is growing. I've been with Riya since December 2020. I will never forget the moment when I saw her and heard the words "it's enough that you are". Even now, as I write this, I am deeply moved. I implemented in my life everything Riya taught me. I am fully aware of my power and potential. I create. Thanks to Riya, I found the missing puzzle, and I was looking for it for a really long time.”
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„I opened up to the Wonders of this World, which I am learning with Riya right now. I changed my view of the world, I learned that I CAN, that everything is possible for me. 
I see how everything changes. Ever since I met Riya, I have changed everything. For 3 months of Riya's teachings, doing everything she says, I still find myself in a new reality. I couldn't imagine it could be so beautiful.”



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